SUNDAY CHAT: Denise, The Jitana

One sunny afternoon, in the heat of Bali, we gathered in this hidden gem, away from the hustle & bustle of busy Seminyak street for an intimate session with the beauty, Denise - @thejitana. Little do people know that her real name was Denise, not Jitana, a Spanish word that means gypsy that she got from her mother for her free-spirited tendencies.

Take us through a day in the life of Denise!

- wake up scroll through instagram to see the latest memes lol

- work on emails

- go to meetings

- meet up with "co-workers" other bloggers lol and go shoot some pictures

- head home to go work out

- sometimes go to events or cook dinner with my boyfriend

- get ready for bed and watch netflix :)

What is one thing you really miss about where you’re from? Sunny blue skies in Los Angeles, perfect weather, and hiking trails.

What do you do and what was the most influential encounter in your career? I am a lifestyle/travel blogger and a have a spanish/english blog. One of the most influential encounters was being in Latin People magazine and recognised as an upcoming latina blogger. I am Salvadoran and my culture is very important to me and I'm happy I can express it through my blog.

What do you love most about being a woman in business today? Being able to meet other strong, independent woman that motivate me to work harder!

Life is busy! What daily rituals do you have to stay balanced? Exercising! I love going to the gym, soul cycle, yoga, hiking, there are so many different ways to exercise and keep balance. I love it so much because it takes my mind off of work, and can focus on myself.

 In the light of the experience you have now, if you could give some advice to yourself as a fifteen-year-old, what would you say? Keep believing in yourself and work hard toward your goals because YOU WILL ACCOMPLISH THEM!

Who inspires you? Miroslava Duma (Russian Fashion Icon) and Rihanna.

What’s your approach to social media? Always be confident in all the work I produce and always be myself.

Favorite Laluna piece to date? I can't just pick one! I'm love the Crimson collection, I'm obsessed with that color!

What activity would guarantee to get you out of bed on a Sunday morning? Flea Markets! I love finding treasures at flea markets.

Where/when did the desire to be a content creator begin? I used to be a buyer for Revolve in 2014, and that's when I knew I wanted to be a travel blogger.

Do you have any life motto’s or quotes you live by? Always take risks!

Time for quick questions!

Tropics or City

Slides or Boots

Wine or Cheese

Dress or Playsuit

Planned trip or Spontaneity

Sunrise or Sunset

Salty ocean adventures or Chasing waterfalls

Road trip or Fly

Denise (@thejitana) as muse | Photography by Melody Amadeas (@melodyamadeas) | Styling by Ellisya (@ell.isya) | Location by Happy Together (@happytogetherbali)