SUNDAY CHAT: Jessica Alexandra

With golden, warm summer vacays oozing from her Instagram page, we get Jessica to answer the secrets to severe case of wanderlust, a glorious sense of humour, and an affinity for the sun.

If you haven't stalked her on Instagram... @jessica_alexandra

Tell us a little about yourself and how you came up with the modelling life?

I came up to the modeling world first wanting to be a designer, but then my best friend suggested me to try out modeling, which I was reluctant at first as I was pretty shy in front of the camera and I am aware of my height. But then on the last day I signed up to CosmoGirl! Also, my god mother who was a former model used me in some images as her husband is a photographer.


If you could describe your day/life in a movie, what movie would it be?

My life in a movie? It varies I suppose it could be a chick flick to a drama (I wish it was more to Altered Carbon.)


Best way to jumpstart the day?

Have good thoughts and embrace the day with some good food and coffee. I try to fit in a light exercise


Three fun facts we may not know about you:

My resting b*tch face is totally the opposite to my character

Family is everything

I'm really a nerd and anyone who knows me well knows I take my food seriously. Very seriously.


Who or what inspires you?

My parents. If I could have half the brain my dad did and half my mom's spunk in work and independence I would be happy. Also they've also inspired and guided me through my life by just giving me trust and freedom

Besides of modelling, what are the other activities you like to do?

Like many of the Bali kids, I work part time for my parents in Cavendish property group, my mom also does some of the interior design. One fun  project is the eco resort and yoga Huts in Nusa Penida. Aside from that I'm taking fashion course for a year and I love swimming when I'm not trying new places to eat with my friends


How do you approach Instagram? Is everything authentically you, or do you like to keep your feed curated?

I try to take it less seriously. I think it's important to keep it authentic and have fun with it.


Craziest Instagram comment you’ve ever gotten:

Hmm I wouldn't say crazy but I guess getting a compliment from a crush never hurts.


What’s on your wishlist this year?

Travel and improve my time management.


Fill in the blank, my guilty pleasure is _____


What are your goals in 2018?

Actively working even more and maybe be featured on a magazine? I don't know I just have to see.


Your go-to Bali restaurant:

Dahana, Happy Chappy, Musubi, Pokeh and gosh I love my self some good burger, Nowbali! recommended me Street Boi.


Fill in the blank again, I would die to trade lives with _____ for one day.

Chiara Ferragni / Gigi Hadid or Donald Trump.


Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Having a good career and I want to be part of my parent’s business if I'm qualified. If I'm capable I would love to continue in the fashion industry weather I'm a designer model/ influencer you name it. It's hard for me to call my self any of that now as I'm still evolving and I'm aware of my height but I'm so lucky to be in an era where things are more flexible. Doing the things you love and having your dearest near you are the basics to a  happy life.I'd like to give back and do some social work as well. A foundation or support a foundation for the very least.


Any advice for future #lalunadreamers, especially those wanting to enter into the modelling industry?

Know thyself and just be authentic. Learn to listen and keep on evolving.


Road trip vs fly

Barefoot or high heels

Sunrise or sunset

Tea vs coffee

Planned trip vs spontaneity

Flat waters vs waves

Chocolate vs Lollies